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More space,the chance to express yourself artistically without thinking twice about a landlord's rules and the opportunity to build equity are three major reasons to buy a house. By owning your own house, you can also start to create memories that you and your immediate and extended family members will treasure.

Pursuing your dream house makes sense

In fact, when many people look back over their lives, they think about one or more houses that they frequented as a child. It could be a grandparents' or an aunts' or parents' house. Many people associate these places as safe havens, especially if it's at these homes where they felt fully accepted, protected, loved and safe.

Over time, a house can start to actually feel like it's a part of your family. It's this that makes it easy to understand why you want the first house that you buy to be your dream house. However, similar to how you may have had to grow into the right relationship, you may have to grow into your dream house.

For this reason, your first home may not be your dream house. Yet, don't abandon your search for your dream house. Do just the opposite. Write down the features, amenities and floor plan that you want in your dream house. Get clear about the type of neighborhood your dream home is located in. Imagine the types of neighbors that you'll have.

Head toward your dream house

See your life filled with color, excitement, fun, love and care. Envision yourself living in a house that meets all of your entertainment, space, family and work needs. For example, if you're a baker, you might see yourself living inside a house that has an attached restaurant sized kitchen next to it.

Just don't put off buying your own house until you find the home that matches your dream. For example, you may have to buy a small starter home, a place with one to two bedrooms, the type of home that's the size of a two bedroom apartment.

Reasons why you may have to start out small include:

  • Opportunities or need to repair your credit
  • High mortgage interest rates (It could make years of sense to wait for interest rates to drop before you buy your dream house.)
  • Lack of home repair and home care knowledge (You could save thousands if you wait until you learn how to repair pipes, roofing and floor tiles yourself instead of making your first home your dream house and paying a contractor every time something needs to be fixed at your property.)
  • Low to no disposable income (Just because you can pay your mortgage doesn't meant that you are financially strong. It could make sense to build your disposable income before you buy your dream house. This can protect you should an unexpected event like a job layoff occur.)

When you buy your dream house at a time when you can truly afford to pay for the property,you can free yourself up to create remarkable experiences in the house instead of spending nights worrying about whether or not you'll be able to pay the mortgage. Growing into your dream house also gives you time to adjust to owning a house, particularly a house that's as large or as small as you really want it to be.